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12 December 1999

Apple Asia's "Hollywood Magic" Contest went live!

If you live in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines,Taiwan, India, Korea, China then create a 3 minute video with the theme "Things we do for fun", submit it to your country's collection point, and the best video in your country can win a Sony DV Cam and an iMac DV.

The winners could then enter the second phase with their new iMac DV for the "Best-of-Asia" contest. The winner in this phase could win a trip to Warner Bros MovieWorld in Australia. (Strangely, people in Australia is not eligbile!)

11 December 1999

Apple's OS 9 key to regulate .... PORN!?!! As a free speech proponent I believe we shall made no stupid law.

9 December 1999

The PowerMac G4/350-DVD is already available at the dealers.

Still no news about the contest...

8 December 1999

Apple (Asia) run the new iMac commerical at Discovery Channel again, and there seems to be a home-movie contest going on at the website http://www.asia.apple.com/hollywoodmagic, but it currently returns error (maybe I've read the wrong address..I'll check).

7 December 1999

Sorry for the lack of updates this few weeks. I hope things will become normal soon...

Apple Japan was searched by trade watchdog for suspected violation of Japan's anti-monopoly law. On the other hand, Apple's retail market share approach that of NEC ever since the release of iBook and there are signs that Apple is taking over NEC's number 1 spot.... was the search a conincident or not? NHK has an in-depth report of the raid.

Classic8.com - this made-in-hongkong computer muesum site have extensive collections of old macs and modification tips, gotta have a look!

2 December 1999

Apple enhance G4 lines. New video card, DVD and sawtooth motherboard for the 350mhz configuration.

Apple's Magic Wand. Learn Apple's lesson, even if you forgot the Mac.

Scientist mapped the first human chromosome.

30 November 1999

Apple's stock was selected as DLJ's top pick and pass through $100 USD today.

29 November 1999

Lap Candy - the fashion appeal of the iBook.

AppleInsider report the details of AppleWorks 6.0. How could Apple let the leaks happens?

Angry Mac users from Taiwan, guys, let's send an email to Steve!

How to convert a PowerBook 1400 into iBook (from Sweden).

26 November 1999

SGI is going to quit the Visual Workstation line. Anyway, this is old news, but apparently their webmaster wish to have some fun... see this, and this and that..

23 November 1999

iBook is the number ONE portable in the US Retail market in October.

A new religion? The prayer circle of iMacs. "If computer is praying, is God listening to them?"

19 November 1999

New ATI Rage 6 chips for use in the Microsoft x-box?

18 November 1999

Report and interview from the QuickTime Live Conference.

17 November 1999

Geek of the millennium, vote for Steve Jobs!!!

DeCSS, the PC software for extracting VOB files from DVD, is the hottest illegal utility on DOWNLOAD.com. Mac version anyone?

Shareware recommendation: Power Windows. Well, it won't make your Mac run faster, but certainly it will make you feel faster! Compatible up to OS9, highly recommended.

16 November 1999

New Voodoo from 3DFX. The new voodoos are expected to be available by next March. The Mac Gamer's Ledge have some FAQs about Mac support.

An excellent hack for Sherlock II, the Sherlock winfix removes the round menu which cause many of the slow redraw.

14 November 1999

My take for Voodoo3 PCI.

13 November 1999

The motley fool on Apple's comeback.

Do you think the iPaq sounds like iMac?

100% y2k complaint Office 2000.

12 November 1999

iBook auction in Yahoo's HK. Current price is HKD$7100 at 3pm.

Sorry for the lack of updates in the last few days. I was fighting with MS word and feel like hell. Anyway...

MacOS X DP2 is shipping!!! GREAT NEWS.

AppleLinks had a review of Toast 4.

There are some rumors that the China will adopt Linux as the "Offical OS of the Country". Of course we know that it isn't possible...

9 November 1999

QuickTime Live Keynote Address is tonight at 1am.

Life saver for SCSI PCMCIA reader on MacOS 9, ever since upgrading to OS9 the scsi reader failed to work, now there seems to be good results to dump 8.6!

IXMicro's ix3d driver also got an update, but on OS9, it crashes like hell. Reverting to the old driver solves the problem.

8 November 1999

BCN Computer news reported that Apple Japan capture the top spot on Japan's October retail market with a marketshare of 24.2%, surpassing NEC''s 19.4% for the first time. The sales were largely attributed to the strong demand for the iBook and iMac DV released in the period.

Apparently the turkish guy is very popular and someone wish to poke fun with him...

7 November 1999

The finding of Facts. Only in pdf and word perfect.

But why word perfect? probably because of this....

Everything you wanted to know about MacOS 9, by MacAddict.

6 November 1999

"Microsoft a monopoly", said judge Jackson.

Sales of the new iMac clones are probably going to be blocked.Victory for Apple!

Britannica is back online.

5 November 1999

The Rare Glitch Project: The legendary search for a stable version of Windows.

"I KISS YOU!" This guy from turkey apparently want to meet some new friends.

Test shown that mobile phone might cause long term memory lost.

4 November 1999

I finally find the Microsoft Intellimouse with IntelliEye, aka, the optical USB mouse. Selling at HKD$400 seems a bit deep for me, I can buy 2 logitech mouse and throw them away, although I hate the ball very much, I need to reconsider whether I should buy it. Anyway, it's available at the 2nd floor of Golden Computer Center here.

News from AppleTalk - Starcraft Broodwar seems to be available in Wanchai computer center (as well as AOE and Quake II).

Ireland's Royal College brought 250 iBooks.

DVD Hack, what next?

Global spy network revealed. "Every international telephone call, fax, e-mail, or radio transmission can be listened to by powerful computers capable of voice recognition. They home in on a long list of key words, or patterns of messages. They are looking for evidence of international crime, like terrorism."

Beware, the big brother is watching. Luckily, MacOS 9 have built in encrpytion (although the strength is not tested) or we can always use PGPi.

3 November 1999

Macworld review MacOS 9.

Do you want to live in a Boeing 727? Someone had converted a 727 into his home... he had posted some photos for your enjoyment.

2 November 1999

Disney to build Hong Kong Park.

The rumor is true, Apple is buying Raycer Graphics.

1 November 1999

Gerry's ICQ was updated to version d35.

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