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VooDoo 3 PCI

I brought a Voodoo 3 2000 PCI board at Wanchai computer center for $740. The board has one year warranty by the same distributor that sell the AGP version. I think the guys selling this board are raising price (after demands for the board raise), so I don't want to make any advertisement for them. Anyway, if you really need the address, then email me (fredlo at mailandnews.com).

It's fairly simple to install the card. First you'll need to flash the rom into mac version. You can get the rom and drivers from 3dfx.

Some graphics mode are not enabled by default, you'll need to edit the file "Voodoo3ModePrefs" yourself, which is included in the drivers that you download.

To test I use Quake3Arena , you'll need the Mesa3dfxEngine for OpenGL too (and you might need the opengl drivers from Apple as well). 3D Performance is quite acceptable for an old PowerMac 9600. I tested other games like Descent 3 and Tomb Raider without a lot of problems. At 3D mode it's also very stable, I run Q3A for several hours non-stop fragging people without any freezes.

The 2D Performance is not bad, actually it's quite good for a beta quality driver, and probably faster than my old ixMicro Ultimate Rez, but then at 2d mode the card is not stable, it freezes for no reasons after running a while. I am changing the slot of the card to see if it'll helps. A lot of people at the 3dfx message board are saying that they have similar problems on their G3 upgraded Mac (overclocked) too.

Notice that 3dfx is not promising any support for the card, nor some of the problems will ever be fixed. No opengl support is promised, nor there will be RAVE support. So make your own judgement if you'll need one of this card.

My take is if you need stability, this card is probably not for you. Go for the ATI Rage 128.

If you need more information, visit www.mac3dfx.com.

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