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Chinese Input Method Pluginfor Mac Only

From Chinese Language Kit v2.0 onwards, Apple had included an utility "Input Method Plug-in Converter", which allows you to create your own input methods. Right now I have converted several traditional chinese(big5) input methods from the UNIX CXterm distributions and MacBlue Telnet distributions (both of which are available from ifcss) into Mac compatable format.

To use them, make sure you have got CLK 2.0 or MacOS 8.6 Traditional Chinese. Then place the files into the "Input Method Plug-in" folder inside your extension folder. Then reboot. Your input script selection should have the new plugins available.

Picture of Extension Folder

Picture of The CLK Menu Bar after installation

I have only tested it in an English MacOS 8.6 w/ CLK 2.0 and Traditional Chinese MacOS 8.6. Some people are reporting that it doesn't work on English MacOS 8.6 installed with Traditional Chinese Component, I don't have that so I can't test it myself. And by the way, there is a little bug which prevents you from entering text entensively in E MacOS 8.6 w/ CLK 2.0(TC MacOS 8.6 got no problem), but it should be fixed in a future MacOS version.... For the time being, you could still use the plug-in as your chinese input aid.

All the files could be distributed freely, but it would be nice if you could send me a note that you are using it.

For all bugs or problems, you could mail to fredlo at mailandnews dot com.

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