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30th September 1999

Company to watch: Transmeta. This secret company that host the Linus Torvalds. They have a patent that claims to be faster than any x86 architecture or the Pentium Pro (which was the best at the time the patent was submitted) just by using emulation, and it can run any operating systems.

The new silver eOne (In Japanese).

Steve Digicams have a review with sample photos of the new Coolpix 800, still no USB for the new camera, but it a good sign that a new high end model will be unveiled soon.

The rise and fail of triobyte - the maker of 7th Guest. I remember getting my first CD-ROM drive and upgraded to a 486 PC because I wish to play the game.

29th September 1999

Real life iBook photos. I heard they are sent by FedEx directly from Taiwan to their home.

Linux and the Macs. Friends or foes? After all the years using PC & UNIX, I am not particularly impressed about the Linux movement, tell me one thing that they invented? or re-invented perhaps?

28th September 1999

New iMac photos!! Steve Jobs must be very very PISSED OFFFFFFFF..... [Unoffical Mirror, will gone in 48 hrs]

Mingpao had reported that Apple won't export G4 (in Chinese) to third-tier countries like China, Russia and India.

The rumored new iMac's sketch is available in AppleInsider.

Gerry's ICQ d33.1 is now available, they had also transfered to a new domain. On the other hand, MacOSeggs had reported that a new beta of "original" ICQ 1.74 is available to some beta testers. The new beta packs features like visiable and invisible list. I always wonder what will happens if they had employed people like Gerry to produce the Mac client.

School's PC are replaced by Sun stations. The cost of USD$400 per machine seems a bit low to me, I thought that doesn't include the cost of the monitors as well? How much would be an iMac without the harddisk, cd-rom and monitor? Netbooting anyone?

26th September 1999

Bad news seems always come in a row...

Apple might had trouble selling Airport in France, because it interfere with military frequencies. The 2.4GHz spectrum are reserved for military use and anyone there who want to use it are required to apply for a license.

Couldn't read French? No problem, use Babelfish.

The plan for surfing the net over power lines was suspended. I always believe this is the smartest way to surf.

Is this for real? Donate Food by viewing a web page! Cameron Crotty of Macweek did some research.

25th September 1999

No G4 for China. For certain it will hurt the growth of the Mac platform there, and by the way, will they still make some G3 for them (or us?!)?

New iMac Spec is available in MacObserver. They was quite accurate last time so it might be the real spec. If the spec are indeed real, it seems to be a fairly impressive system, but how much would it cost? With ram price surging recently, what will be added into the new iMac's cost?

24th September 1999

I wish you a happy mid autumn festival!

Apple had just released a very nice introduction to Macintosh Programming. Although it was written for Windows programmer, the content is actually suitable for anyone who wish to program for the Mac. Think of it as an overview.

The Rumored AMD PowerPC G4

AMD made PowerPC G4? I think it's one of the most weird idea of the day. While, one million IBM Copper PowerPC had been shipped.

Where can I buy the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer? I am using Logitech Wheel mouse right now, but it's kinda feel bad, so I am willing to try on something new, if you know where this mouse is sold, preferably in Hong Kong, please let me know.

23rd September 1999

Perfect gift for ladies,iBRA, but where to buy? (Can't be viewed on Netscape, use IE please)

PowerBook G3 could not be sold in Taiwan, because it couldn't pass the EMC certification test of taiwan, according to this Macworld Taiwan report (Chinese). So weird that all the PowerBook was made in Taiwan but could not be sold there.

SOTEC, the designer of eOne, planned to release a new eOne (Japanese), same shape but with a different color. Cnet also have a report. Are these people really shameless?

Apple's office in Singapore had announced that the G4 will ship in November, but Apple HK's web page haven't even changed at all. It sucks.

22nd September 1999

Your glass is half-full or half-empty? While it's bad that Apple can't meet it's quarter, it also mean they will have a strong 4th Quarter. More discussion are available at ZDII. Anyway, I remember Apple had a USD$1 billion backlog in 1995, and the companies simply busted afterwards, I hope history won't repeat itself.

The quake in taiwan will raise chips price further. I guess I'll wait for my second edition G4.

There will be built in encryption in MacOS 9, the keychain was originally a PowerTalk technologies that was meant to deliver in MacOS 8.5 last year, rumored has it that it was pulled by marketing reasons.

One bit of caution when you try to import MacOS 9 into Hong Kong, just like fast CPU and DIMM ram, you'll need an import license if you are trying to do so. The built-in encryption capabilities in made MacOS 9 classified in the same class of strategic goods, a.k.a., weapon. Actually, ALL import of encryption software into Hong Kong requires an import license, and a lot of countries had law regarding encryption software, so it make more sense to check your own first. You are warned... I believe all copies distributed by Apple themselves will have the license, so it make more sense to get one from a local dealer.

21st September 1999

Earthquake in Taiwan.

Motorola's G4 chip couldn't meet demand, Apple's earnings fall. We should remember that Motorola's license to make Mac was terminated by Steve Jobs and they have to eat the cost of 98million, are they still mad at this?

Macfreeware, lots of good stuff and they are all free!!! e.g. BlackWatch screen saver.

Asahi news reported that Tokyo district court had ruled that SOTEC is now temporary banned from selling eOne in Japan. The ruling stated that they share a similar design, with multiple curves, color and minor details which are close to each another. The design might confuse customers, the judge said.

Apple's press release for the case.

20th September 1999

I found a different version of the ZDnet wireless computing article (that was posted at Yahoo). The yahoo version indicate that Apple is behind Dell over their wireless plan:

"But other vendors, including Compaq Computer Corp. (NYSE:CPQ) and Apple Computer Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL) , aren't far behind in their thinking. "

The ZDnet version, however, talks differently (but Apple seems still behind Dell):

"And Apple Computer Inc. has added wireless networking capability to its forthcoming iBook. But other vendors including Compaq Computer Corp. aren't far behind in their thinking."

I believe the writer found himself mail bombed for stating so much misinformation and was required by ZDnet to modify the story a bit.

Now there is stealth software that monitors all your actions on a PC. Luckily I think they don't have a Mac version....

If you go and buy an "OPTI" chipset USB card from the PC market, you don't have to hack the driver in order to run it. Apple had already provided one for you at here.

18-19th September 1999

Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape, like the new G4 and the Cinema display, according to this interview. He also talks a lot about the future of web as well as funding for new technology firms.

A new Hong Kong Mac newsgroup was born netforum.comp.mac which is seems going to replace the starforum.comp.mac of old hkstar.

The ZDnet had an article that talks about wireless computing plans for Dell, Apple and Compaq. The way it presented seems indicating that Dell lead the way, and Apple followed suit. Anyway you can see the comments at the talkback that indicate what was wrong.

iBook grab top spot at notebook orders (or pre-orders) for 17 Sept 1999 in Japan. They made a record to sell 10000 iMac on the first day it was launched last year without any pre-order, their sales was only limited by the supplies of iMac. I hope they can break the record this time.

17th September 1999

Gee, I got a link from Macgazine.

Do you want to share your PC keyboard and mouse with your Mac? Now there is a solution.

Kas Thomas's excellent freeware plugin PDF-Blit, let you author PDF from BBEdit. I am also a proud user of BBEdit, now it's even better!

A funny article from Hiawatha Bray. This time he says something nice about Firewire. If you don't know who is Hiawatha Bray, last May he wrote an article saying that the iMac is doomed - because it doesn't have a floopy. Of course we know the iMac did not doom, and later he wrote an article saying he was wrong.

16th September 1999

Huge typhoon York stike Hong Kong today. A leave was blow up to the windows of my room (which is at 21st floor).

Leaves on my window

Noise from the wind blowing at the door, recorded this morning when the wind was strongest.

No G4 for China? Apple tries to get G4 export ban lifted.

Microsoft Starts Recuriting for Its Next War. It talks about "Microsoft XML".... do the writter really knows what he is writing?

Where do you want to go.... not today, but on 31st December 1999? The British government advise you don't go to Ukraine, Indonesia....etc

No surpass from Steve Jobs at France's Apple Expo today. However, he said that iBook is shipping today to retailers in US. Yet Apple Hong Kong haven't even change their webpage, let alone selling to you, this simply sucks.

MacNN had a photo gallery for the show.

For big event like rollout of new product line, there seems to be a pattern dictating how Apple announce their product:

  • There must be webcast from the QuickTime TV;
  • and usually there will be satellite transmission as well;
  • Since America still account for about half of Apple's revenue, all those event are usually held in US, but I guess eventually, Apple will give you a suprise, like unveiling a subnote at MacWorld Expo Tokyo.

Unfortunately, the France's Apple Expo fails all three requirement. My personal bet is a media event at October to November for the new iMac.

older news at here.

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